Organic Youth Guide

One year of voluntary service at IFOAM EU has passed for all 5 of us!  Our one-year
experience at IFOAM EU helped us to understand how organic agriculture fits into that
idealistic picture and we have decided to write this guide in order to share our findings with
other organic enthusiasts and people who want to learn more.


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Organic Agriculture in Lithuania


In May of 2014 Lithuania will celebrate 10 years in EU. These 10 years was extremely important for organic sector and as for all development in Lithuania in general. Organic land area grew around 9 times, from ~17 000I ha to ~152 000II ha in 9 years.

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Five stars for volunteering at the organic agriculture sector


We are the five volunteers that moved from five European Union’s countries to its capital, Brussels, to take part in the European Voluntary Service. Coming from Croatia, France, Greece, Lithuania and Spain to help organic food and farming position itself properly within the EU regulation and to promote the green, eco-friendly and sustainable nature of this agricultural sector.

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