Organic Youth Guide

One year of voluntary service at IFOAM EU has passed for all 5 of us!  Our one-year
experience at IFOAM EU helped us to understand how organic agriculture fits into that
idealistic picture and we have decided to write this guide in order to share our findings with
other organic enthusiasts and people who want to learn more.


 What is actually organic?
 How was it found?
 When and where did it happen?
 What is the current state in our countries: Croatia, France, Greece, Lithuania and Spain?
 Who are the people who work for the organic sector in Europe?
 What are the prospect for future development of organic food and farming?
The experience of European Voluntary Service helped us to get the answers to these
questions and we believe it is now our responsibility to pass that information on. First of all,
a responsibility towards the European youth, though of course, people of all age are very
welcome to read this guide which we hope they would find interesting.

We hope you will all enjoy reading of this guide as well as your future organic experience! Please find the guide HERE.

Asta Donielaite,
Athanasia Champidi,
Ivan Marko Stazic,
Laura Maeso
and Marie-Chiara Tort



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